Keep it Clean


Please see the following on the new Keep it Clean initiative from Wellington Rugby and Burger King.

Wests fully support this initiative and look forward to helping to raise awareness of sideline behaviour.

Wellington Rugby and Burger King launched a joint initiative to promote positive sideline behaviour.

The goal of the campaign over the remaining five weeks of the season is to raise awareness about how supporters behave on our sidelines, how it affects others, and how it is perceived.

The launch of our undercover referee video and the subsequent public response has exceeded expectations.  It has generated comment within rugby and within our region, but importantly also among other codes up and down the country.

Wellington Rugby is proud to be leading a zero tolerance campaign by facing this issue head on.

Getting everyone’s attention was the easy part and now the hard work begins as we try to educate and engage with our rugby community.

Negative behaviour is not limited to swearing or physical and verbal threats and it’s not always what we say but how we say it. What we do know is that comments like “well done” and “great job” make our kids feel good, and that cheers and claps have a positive effect.

We all want our kids, parents and coaches to enjoy the game enough that they want to come back next week and next season.

Positive Sidelines

Rock’n Bingo Night

Rock’n Bingo is back at Wests!!

With the huge success of the last year’s event, Wests are proud to bring back the Rock’n Bingo night again this year.

Tickets can be purchased at EventFinda or call Gina on 021 446 261

This event support the Wests teams that are attending the 2016 New Zealand Junior Rugby Festival in Taupo.

Wests Bingo









U12 Rep Team for 2016

Congrats to the following players who have made the U12 Wests Rep team for 2016. Have a look at the Rep Page for more information on the Wests Rep Season.


  • Jack Basham
  • Aidan Christians
  • Lachlan Edwards
  • Samuel Hickey
  • Dillon Huddleston
  • Paratene Jackson
  • James Johnston
  • Punaariki O’Sullivan-Manuel
  • Tom Pottinger
  • Tyler Rowe
  • Flynn Taylor
  • Joseph Tuinukuafe
  • Felix Tulloch


  • Archie Chandler
  • Eugene Farley
  • Benjamin Gordon
  • Oscar Jackson
  • Heta Mako
  • Angus Miller
  • Matthew Norris
  • Kaden Paxton
  • Jonty Pearons
  • Aidan Riches
  • Jake Ross
  • Kees Strickland
  • Xavier Tavai

U10 Rep Team for 2016

Congrats to the following players that have made the U10 Wests Rep team for 2016. The selectors were all impressed with the high level of skill and commitment and have passed on their best wishes to all the players for the rest of the season.

  • Dan Cohen
  • Callum Connell
  • Jamie Eade
  • Noah Faitaua
  • Oliver Florance
  • Tom Fraser
  • Remy Friberg
  • Dom Grimes
  • Ben Hogan
  • James Howie
  • Fynn Rawstorne-Jones
  • Jess Rowe
  • Boston Thurlow
  • Oli Albiston

Have a look at the Rep Page for more information on the Wests Rep Season.

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